The Movement

Welcome to the GCC Youth Group: THE MOVEMENT. Please contact us to learn more about our group, its members, and upcoming activities. We invite your questions and comments.

THE MOVEMENT is focused on reaching this generation or Jesus. At THE MOVEMENT we are determined to develop the talents of young people to reach our community. THE MOVEMENT and its leaders are commited to seeing lives changed, equipped, and transformed through building a strong relationship with Jesus.

THE MOVEMENT aims to empower each member to live a life committed and acceptable to the Lord. Our aspiration is to inspire today's young people to live a life of excellence, and find new ways to learn about Jesus and share Him with others.

THE MOVEMENT is a great place to hang out and meet new friends. THE MOVEMENT is very active and events focused with such adventures as: Road Trips, Missions Trips, Overnighters, Games, Concerts, etc. And without a doubt, THE MOVEMENT is all about having a blast and living life to the fullest.

Why not come and check us out? Meet empowering leaders, develop your hidden talents, grow up some new friendships and encourage others to do the same!

Feel free to contact us concerning our schedule of events.