Grace Kidz


Grace Kidz

Our Children's Ministry is top notch. No matter what the age and no matter what the time, we always have someone on staff to ensure that your little one is being ministered to in a special way. We enjoy taking your children through the many bible stories and adventures that they love. Full of laughter and smiles, our Children's Minisitry will bless the hearts of your children and allow you to receive the filling that you need to tackle the week ahead.


On Wednesday nights from 6:20-8:00 pm, we have a blast! We have programs for all ages so that your kids can enjoy their evening just as much, if not more, than you will. Our staff takes care of your kids as they embark on amazing adventures and learn about the many bible stories. Your child will come away from the evening enthused and excited about Jesus. (Caution: You may find yourself being ministered to on the car ride home.) Come to Grace Church Wednesday nights and see how much your child can grow.


On Sunday mornings, relax in the comfort of knowing that your kids are having a GREAT time! Every Sunday is a new adventure for your kids, with qualified staff taking care of your children.